Yellow ball in the sky

Yellow Ball

Sunset in Dubai

(This photo is my submission for the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge : Yellow)


Data Mask

Sterling Crispin’s “Data Masks” are haunting portraits that don’t actually depict any one person. Instead, they use raw data to show how technology perceives humanity. Reverse-engineered from surveillance face-recognition algorithms and then fed through Facebook’s face-detection software, the Data Masks “confront viewers with the realization that they’re being seen and watched basically all the time,” Crispin says.

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DailyProgrammer Mini challenge : Character Occurrence Count

Felt like doing a little C programming today. So I attempted today’s ‘Mini challenge’ problem from Reddit’s r/dailyprogrammer. The challenge was to write a program to count the number of occurrences of alphabets contained in a string.

Here’s the problem statement,

Count it – count the letters in a string.

Given: A string – like “Hello World”

Output: Letters and how often they show up. – d:1 e:1 h:1 l:3 o:2 r:1 w:1

Special: convert all to lowercase. Ignore whitespace and anything not [a-z][A-Z]

Challenge input: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and the sleeping cat early in the day.”

And here’s my solution,

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